Noisy Garage Doors? 4 Ways to Fix Them

Rattling, squeaking, and shrieking garage doors are just some of the problems
encountered by a lot of homeowners. Nevertheless, these distracting sounds could be
fixed easily and will only spend at a maximum of an hour. With this, here are some
tips to address these problems.

  1. Tighten the bolts and nuts
    Make sure to tighten the bolts and nuts of your door and track. Utilise socket wrench to do this. Check if everything is snug but do not overdo it to avoid overtightening. Do this regularly, every six to twelve months should be sufficient.

  2. Lubricate the parts
    It is advisable not to use things like grease and oil. Instead, you must use
    specialised lubricant for garage door. This lubricates all the parts but does attract dirt
    and unwanted residue. Since garage doors have moving parts that need to be
    maintained, it is important to keep track of it. You can spray the lubricant on the base
    of the springs, rollers, between the panels and determine if the gears are moving

  3. Replace worn rollers and hinges
    Unbolt the hinge and tilt the roller out of the garage door track. Try swapping out
    the rollers and reinstalling the hinge and other parts that need to be replaced.
    It is common for old metal roller to make loud noises since they roll up and down
    the track and this is especially normal for the rusty ones. Hence, if this is the case for
    your garage doors, consider replacing them. Funnily enough, we can help with that.

  4. When all else fails… seek professional help!
    If you already tried the aforementioned tips and your garage doors are still
    making a lot of noise, seek professional help – like us! Check your garage door
    manual to see if the identified problem needs to be repaired by a professional.
    Message us at Melbourne Garage Doors and we would be very happy to cater to
    your garage door servicing needs!
    Having noisy garage doors could be a very simple hassle to deal with but if you
    don’t do anything to solve this immediately, it might get worse. You can just apply
    some of the effective ways we mentioned above or if the problem is getting out of
    hand, please get us to help you. Your garage door is one of your most important
    investments. Take good care of it and regularly and see them last for decades!
    Do you have other tips to fix noisy garage doors? Comment down below!